Photograph by Tigran Studios.

Photograph by Tigran Studios.

On his first Pop Standard record " Storm Swings Hollywood"  Storm wanted show an intimate side to his voice. 

Jazz producer Tony Guererro put together the finest Jazz musicians playing today, to create a simple elegant and laid back five song EP " STORM SWINGS HOLLYWOOD- Songs From the movies " recorded over a lazy weekend in California.

So is the rock and roll Storm gone forever?

"As I grow, my voice changes and this style perfectly suits where I'm at as an Artist and a Man. I was inspired to capture the elegance, ruggedness, sense of innovation and confidence of the Golden age of Hollywood films and the likes of Gable, Chaplin, Houston, Clift and Wilder. A time where inventiveness, romance and optimism saturated every form of American Art." - Storm muses " Rock and Roll is a state of mind"

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