Storm in Edinburgh, Scotland 2015. (c) StormCo Inc

Storm in Edinburgh, Scotland 2015. (c) StormCo Inc

LOST IN MUSIC is a Nat Geo style music based travel show following Grammy Nominated Singer Storm Gardner as he documents and explores musical cultures around the world. Having spent over twenty years behind the microphone in Hollywood, LOST IN MUSIC follows Storm as he searches to discover authentic local musicians, artists and singers in exotic and wild places off the beaten track.

Singing exists in every culture on earth and is used to improve health and enhance rituals, ceremonies and rites of passage like weddings, funerals and birthdays. Songs that have been sung for thousands of years are at risk of being silenced because of globalization and its gentrifying effects.

Storm's quest to document authentic musical cultures takes us to the wildest and most colorful corners of the earth, from Gaelic singers in the rugged highlands of Scotland to the forest's of Bulgaria, Streets of Russia, Flamenco fueled Spain and Opera Singing school in Peking, China.

Based on his BLOG, LOST IN MUSIC is an edgy but feel good travel journal type show in the vein of CNN's Anthony Bourdain. Storm's dry humor, rugged style and charismatic passion for the human singing voice will introduce you to cultures at the ends of the earth through the music of the people who live there.

Sometimes the only way to find yourself is to get lost..LOST IN MUSIC.